This website applies only for Mantis 1.0.* and Mantis 1.1.*
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This plugin has been written to answer to the request 0005887 on the Mantis bugtracker.

  • Email format in Text or HTML or mixed
  • Configurable per project.
  • Easy to install.


  • Use the plugin manager to install the last release.


Upgrade from the 0.0.x release:
  • Download the last release here.
  • Unzip the package into the Mantis root directory.


First, you need to log on into your Mantis installation with an administrator account and then browse the Plugins page and choose the Reminder plugin link. You must fill the following fields after selecting the project to configure the plugin:
  • Enable: to enable/disable the plugin.
  • Allow sending by HTML browsing: this variable is used to send the emails by browsing the page.
  • From host: this variable is used to restrict the right to send emails to an IP address or a reverse DNS value.
  • Format: Choose the format of the email.
  • Email Subject: The subject of the email send.
  • Assigned/Feedback/Unassigned/Deadline: Specify for each field the box position in the email, the number of days (separated by comma) before the reminder is sent and the number of days before the reminder is sent each day.
  • Field containing the deadline: Specify the custom field that represents the deadline date.
  • Exclude bugs: Specify the bugs id to exclude from the report.
  • Exclude dates: Specify the dates when the reports will not be sent.
  • Send to: Select the users to send the report.


You have two solutions to send the reminder:
  • Create a scheduled task (with cron on Unix by example) to execute the MANTIS_ROOT/plugins/reminder/bin/ or MANTIS_ROOT/plugins/reminder/bin/reminder.bat file (this file needs to be updated).
  • Browse the page. In case of success you will be redirected to the main page.

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