This website applies only for Mantis 1.0.* and Mantis 1.1.*
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This plugin has been written to answer to the request 0003861 on the Mantis bugtracker. This plugin is used to post bugs notification into NNTP server(s).

  • Support NNTP authentication.
  • Configuration per project possible.
  • One thread per bug.
  • Rights inherited from a special or regular user.
  • Easy to install (one file to patch).
  • Mantis 1.0.5.


  • Download the last release here.
  • Unzip the package into the Mantis root directory.

  • Patch the MANTIS_ROOT/core/email_api.php file.

Patching the email_api.php file:
You need to add a require_once statement and update the email_generic function. Before the patch:
After the patch (note: modified line are added after the tag # NNTP Plugin):


Upgrade from the 0.0.1 release:
  • Download the last release here.
  • Unzip the package into the Mantis root directory.


Configuring the plugin will end the installation process, so you need to configure at least one project.

First, you need to log on into your Mantis installation with an administrator account and then browse the page and choose the MantisNNTP plugin link. You must fill the following fields after selecting the project to configure the plugin:
  • Enable: to enable/disable the plugin.
  • User: it is the user from the NNTP plugin will inherit the rights. The user selected could be a regular user or a dedicated (to the NNTP plugin) user.
  • Server host: the address of the server host (ex.:
  • Server port: the port to connect to the NNTP server (ex.: 119).
  • Server username: the login name to authenticate to the NNTP server, if this field is left empty, there will be no authentication (anonymous login).
  • Server password: the login password to authenticate to the NNTP server.
  • Newsgroup: the newsgroup where the notification will be posted.

During the first configuration a SQL table will be created.
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